Reflection, Contemplation, Hope


Grief drives men into the habits of serious reflection, sharpens the understanding and softens the heart.

--- John Adams


My Child’s Name

Author Unknown

Go ahead and mention my child,
The one that died, you know.
Don’t worry about hurting me further.
The depth of my pain doesn’t show.
Don’t worry about making me cry.
I’m already crying inside.
Help me to heal by releasing the tears that I try to hide.
I’m hurt when you just keep silent, pretending he didn’t exist.
I’d rather you mention my child, 
Knowing that he has been missed.
You asked me how I was doing,
I say “pretty good” or “fine.”
But healing is something ongoing.
I feel it will take a lifetime.


Walk With Me

Author unknown

Walk with me... 
Walk in my shoes 
for one single day. 
Then you'll see why 
I need to pray. 
Come live in my home 
for a week or two 
and then remember 
I am just like you. 
I didn't ask for the things I was given 
I didn't choose this road I have taken 
Walk a mile with me hand in hand 
Then perhaps you will understand.

I'm not really complaining 
about the stress in my life, 
I know that we all have 
some toil and some strife. 
But walk with me, when you think 
I am wrong, walk with me 
and you'll start to belong. 
Embrace my sorrows, 
like they are your own, 
And then you will know me 
And see I have grown.

The journey I take 
is different from yours 
My life took one of those 
unexpected detours, 
But this road that I travel 
is not really so long, 
If the people who watch me 
will join in my song. 
Listen to my footsteps 
and watch how I dance 
And then you will know me 
and give me a chance.

Take heart and remember 
It can happen to you, 
who knows where my pathway 
will cross over to you? 
So speak to me softly 
if you can't understand 
Remember I once stood 
right there where you stand. 
And walk with me gently 
when the day is at end. 
And then I will know 
I can call you my friend. 


Rest Gently With Me

Author unknown

Startled and fascinated by the beauty and fragility
of your wings, I watch as you move
so gently
so quietly
almost unexpectedly 
through my world

And then I watch as you move on, 
fluttering softly into the distance. 
Pleading silently, I beg you,
please ... don't go.

I haven't yet had the time 
to memorize 
to remember
to understand 
the uniqueness of the beauty that is yours.

I know I cannot hold you for long, 
capturing you for my world. 
But, rest gently with me 
if only for a moment.

That I may treasure the memory 
and the beauty of the 
gift that you are.


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