Fundraising for Heartstrings with Crowdrise

THANK YOU for your interest in supporting Heartstrings through fundraising!  Heartstrings utilizes Crowdrise for secure, easy peer-to-peer fundraising.  This is an excellent way for you to get your social circle involved in your support of Heartstrings and our mission.  Because this is a new software to Heartstrings, we've set up this page to answer some of the most important questions you may have.  Start with the Crowdrise FAQs below.  We've also provided in-depth screenshots below to illustrate the process.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Annie for help at [email protected]  We want your interactions with our event software to be positive, and we are happy to help.



  • At the end of your Eventbrite registration, registrants should also be prompted to fundraise. 


  • Head on over to the Fundraiser you’d like to join. On the right-hand side of the page under the DONATE TO THIS FUNDRAISER button, click the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button. 


  • Provided that you have selected the option “I want other people to help me fundraise” (EDIT FUNDRAISER> ADVANCED SETTINGS> DONATION SETTINGS> “I want other people to help me fundraise”) on your fundraiser page, others who come to your fundraiser page can join your fundraiser and help you to raise money for your cause.  So so cool.


  • The best way to direct the most traffic towards your Fundraising Page is through emailing your Fundraising URL (found at the top of your web browser or in the MANAGE CAMPAIGN tab of your fundraiser).

Still need help? 

Here's 7 simple steps to set up and share your custom fundraising page in under ten minutes! 

Step 1 - Event Registration.  Choose the number of registrants for each registration type.  Click "Checkout" to proceed.

Step 2 - Event Registration.  Provide contact information and click "Complete registration."  You will receive email confirmation.

Step 3 - Fundraising setup.  While your ticket registration is complete, you now have the opportunity to set up a fundraising page related to the event.  Choose "I want a fundraising page" to set up your own site which you can customize and share to help Heartstrings raise mission-supporting funds.  Help us change the outcome of loss!

Step 4 - Create a login either with Facebook, or by setting up a Crowdrise account.  Facebook is slightly faster, but both options are simple to use.


Step 5 - This is your Crowdrise event dashboard.  From here you can see your page under "View Fundraiser", edit your page under "Edit Fundraiser", share your page using tools under "manage campaign", see other fundraising pages' efforts under "The Team", or run reports under "Report Center".  The "Register" button links your friends and family back to the event page so they can sign up to attend the related Heartstrings event!


Step 6 - Edit Fundraiser.  From this tab you can add your own text, images, videos and even set a fundraising goal.  There is placeholder text generated by Heartstrings that you can leave as-is, but feel free to add your own message or story to make the page more personal.


Step 7 - Manage your Campaign.  From this page you can ask for donations and post updates about the event and your success.