Subsequent Pregnancy Support Group Participant Payment Information

A $10 fee per meeting covers one participant.  This fee also includes a partner or support person for specific meetings where their attendance is welcomed.  

Heartstrings does not currently handle insurance billing, but receipts for insurance reimbursement may be requested in order to be filed by the participant.  Scholarships are available for parents who are unable to cover the full participant fee.

Payment for the first 3 support group meetings ($10 x 3 = $30) is required at the time of registration.  Thereafter, payments must be made according to the deadlines below. 

Heartstrings offers 3 different on-line payment options for support group participants: 

·         One Time Payment of $80 at time of Registration

·         Two-Payment Plan: $30 at Registration, $50 before 3rd group meeting

·         Three-Payment Plan: $30 at Registration , $30 before 3rd group meeting, $20 before 5th group meeting

Participants may opt to pay for all remaining meetings instead of spacing out payments at any time by contacting Leslie Kausch, Director of Support Services at 336-335-9931 or

ADVANCE PAYMENT IS REQUIRED, AND FACILITATORS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ACCEPT PAYMENT OF ANY KIND. Please do not attend a group meeting if you have not paid by the deadline.

Select your payment preference below, and you will be directed to a payment page. 

One Payment Schedule:          Pay Full Amount

Two Payment Schedule:          Initial Payment          2nd of 2 Payments         

Three Payment Schedule:       Initial Payment          2nd of 3 Payments          3rd of 3 Payments

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Leslie Kausch, Director of Support Services at 336-335-9931 or

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