SIDS Resources


10 Things I Wish Every Person Knew About the Death of a Child - How to Talk to a Parent Who Has Lost a Child

A Father: On "Getting Over It"

American SIDS Institute - Reduce the Risk

How Do You Define Yourself After Loss?

How Many Kids Do You Have?

Returning To Work After Loss

Why We Should Talk About Our Children Who Have Passed


Invisible Mothers:  When Love Doesn't Die

The SIDS Survival Guide

Web-based Resources

American SIDS Institute - Memorial Page

Small Bird Studio - A Card Line Specializing in Pregnancy Loss, Infant Loss and Infertility

The CJ Foundation

Additional Community Resources

NC SIDS Program Local Counselors
Guilford County Department of Public Health
Betsy Wilcox
1203 Maple Street,
3rd Floor
, NC 27405

Forsyth County Department of Public Health
Robin Macklin, 336-703-3243
Diana Stack, 336-703-3255
799 N. Highland Avenue
, NC 27102
Provides counseling and information for families affected by a SIDS loss.  Also connects families with support networks of other SIDS families and helping agencies

SIDS Alliance of the Carolinas
Jennell Cardin 336-736-3238
Arranges one-on-one matches for those who have lost a baby to SIDS.  Provides educational outreach