Programming Committee Conference Call Meeting 10/12/16

Participants: Daniel Hall, Shannon Hanson, Patty Vandergrift, Cheri Timmons, Ashley Wall

Pilot Project Status Reviewed:

Enrique invited Ashley & Cheri to attend FaithHealth biweekly meeting to share about Heartstrings and the pilot program.  Will attend Wed. 10/26.

Ty experiencing barriers with church gatekeepers when trying to connect with ministers or first ladies of African American churches in Winston.   Enrique has church contacts through FaithHealth and will share with Ty. Ty is presenting at Shepherd’s Center in a few weeks.

Given time period between community outreach now and the actual support program starting in March 2017 (5 months from now), COA will refer bereaved mothers to Cheri for placement in a one-to-one Connections match or for referral to another community resource via a secure on-line process. 

Initial screening tool for COAs to use in interacting with mothers to be developed by committee. Committee will review the current Feeling Inventory question and select top five questions most appropriate for initial screening. This first-level screening would be through trust-building conversation and not “administered” to the mothers. 

Committee to review current pre- and post- support group assessment tool (Feelings Inventory) to consider revisions relevant to pilot project participants.

Heartstrings Support Programs

2017 WS PIL support group location secured in beautiful SECU Family House on Wed. nights.  2017 GSO Jan. PIL group continues to be held at Children’s Home Society and hope to continue throughout year.

Currently 10 Connections matches with several new support parents recently trained by Cheri.  She has also trained 2 new PIL facilitators and 2 CL co-facilitators/CL support parents for 2017.  Dei Angel’s new practice location will be used for Tues. night CL groups which she will facilitate.

Practicing Hope Medical Training Conference: Fri. Nov. 11 8am-1:30pm, Cone Women’s Hospital Greensboro

Only 2 registered currently. Marketing efforts recapped including STD e-blast 9/16, Registration is open blast 9/30, and 56 emailed invitations by Cheri to her medical contacts. Asking Helen Snead to forward to Cone leaders and external website.

Next steps: mail flyers to Greensboro Ob/Gyn practices. Ask Sue Pedaline and Brooks Johnson to send out/post at Cone and HPR. Cheri will also send flyer & email to Shannon and Patty for distribution at Brenner and FMC and medical residents at WFBMC.  Cheri will request medical student liaison at SECU Family House to also share training information with students/residents.

Programming Committee:

Discussed that Shemeka Fox is moving from the Triad and would likely not continue on committee. Daniel to reach out about her involvement. Committee would benefit from having Heartstring parents on committee who are not necessarily on the board.

Next Meeting/Conference Call scheduled for 8:30am, Wed., Nov. 9. 

Programming Committee Minutes 11/9/16

8:30am Conference Call Participating: D. Hall, S. Hanson, P. Vandergrift, B. Johnson, C. Timmons, A. Wall

Reviewed Current Programming. Cheri shared her focus on building referral network for child loss support.  She is also developing a pool of trained child loss support parents and determining how to match parents in most effective ways for support (age, type of loss, etc.).

Question asked if current support addresses anticipatory grief.  While it does not, Cheri refers parents to many different resources in the community for specific support needs and can assist when needed.  Future H.O.P.E. video/brochure will address this subject, and Patty Vandergrift agreed to provide input as needed on that project.

Practicing Hope conference on 11/11/16 has been canceled due to low number of participants (13 registrants below required minimum of 25). Discussion about ways to boost attendance included:

·         Establish it as an annual conference on a set weekday/month so that medical community can plan accordingly

·         List it on national training sites

·         Consider adding a new component every year that adds interest and variety

·         Promote conference to attract young medical professionals given consistent turnover

·         Promote conference to medical education programs, such as nursing programs at universities, community colleges.  End of life training is currently a valued component of educating caregivers.  Promoting in mid-January to educators is recommended to suggest they set aside the date for student accreditation.  Consider student rates.

·         Optimal time for scheduling the conference was deemed as springtime before budget funds are depleted in June.  

·         Tentative date of Friday, April 28, 2017 proposed.  Cheri to confirm that there are no known training conference conflicts for that date.

·         Patty will investigate best method of distributing information about pH conference to WFBH central and outlying affiliates, Shannon to do the same for Novant Health, ad Brooks for UNC Health.

·         Daniel Hall to provide Cheri with a list of contacts for medical educational programs

·         Value-added component of continuing ed conference could be an optional add-on rejuvenation piece, some type of self-care, renewal for participants. 

Pilot Program discussed.  Need for a Latina facilitator discussed.  Daniel, Cheri and Ashley to schedule a conference call with COAs to identify steps to determine best support group format for each demographic group of parents.

Cheri thanked committee for sending recommended five screening questions for COAs in reaching out to mothers and will send out results next week.

Next Programming Committee conference scheduled for 8:30am on December 7th.  Ashley to send conference call access prior to date.

Heartstrings Pilot Program Update for Programming Committee 11/9/16

Oct/Nov. Update:

COAs continue to network within Latino and African American communities in Winston-Salem and have identified the 2 largest logistical challenges to be transportation and child care.

Transportation – Transportation is still a large concern once group sessions are established. Even with Todays Woman being accessible by public transit, it may still be hard if women have multiple children (each child would also need a bus ticket which could be costly). May need to look into a van, Todays Woman has a van but specific logistics with the driver and cost still need to be addressed, also some bus routes stop service at 6pm.

Daycare Assistance – Many women may have additional children that would prevent them from attending.

FaithHealth Meeting on 10/26/16 provided many referrals for resources (attached). 

Plans for COAs to present at Shepherd’s Center and to attend future FaithHealth meetings to network.

Bryan Hatcher, COO of CareNet, holding meeting Dec. 16 related to recruiting/training Latino/Hispanic counselors.  COAs and staff hope to attend.

Convenience of Support

One idea that surfaced in Ashley’s conversations with community leaders is to host the support group where the mothers already will be, such as after church on a Sunday, thereby not requiring supplemental transportation. If the FBO is willing, Heartstrings could pay for childcare providers to stay longer if already on-site or to hire caregivers used by the FBO who are already vetted and familiar with the children.  This is an option that needs to be explored with community assets and caregivers familiar with both communities.  In addition to childcare, food could be provided to participants and children.

Other Networking

On 11/4, Ashley met with potential board member, Maria Peredes, a counselor in Greensboro with connections at UNCG and WFU Counseling Programs and within the Hispanic community. Maria has promised to connect Ashley to UNCG’s Dr. Laura Gonzales, and WFU’s Michelle Vann Horton (MA) and Dr. Denisha Champion PhD (WFU Counselor very familiar with Lower SES communities.)  The objective is to find a Latina/Hispanic facilitator and to learn about potential transportation/childcare solutions. Maria felt that the pilot program should have an African-American and a Latina facilitator to boost connection with the mothers.  Daniel and committee to decide.

Ashley reached out to Jessica Yanez and Anna Cushman, both Greensboro immigration lawyers about the board, the program and the need for a Latina facilitator.  Jessica is interested in supporting the program financially in some way and agreed that sponsoring the costs for transportation would be helpful.  Determining the cost of transportation is difficult at this early stage of the pilot. Anna Cushman is working to connect Ashley to a Latino attorney, Alex Eiffe, of A.G. Linett law firm in Greensboro as a potential board member. 

Ashley reached out to Kathy Hinshaw at the Latino Coalition and Center for New North Carolinians for guidance and will continue to try to connect with her asap for potential board and facilitator candidates. Most pressing issue: Securing facilitators/counseling grad students to help Daniel and Cheri design the pilot support group model.


Participating: D. Hall, S. Hanson, C. Timmons, A. Wall

Support Group Model

Discussed success of the additional “follow up meeting” that is being held 6-8 weeks after the eighth and final support group meeting.  These meetings have been informal and serve as a way to reconnect participants and re-enforce their community.  Discussed how to evaluate the impact of the added meeting, and decided a short evaluation could be used for data collection.  Facilitators would communicate that they will be sent a questionnaire/survey to get their feedback about the extra meeting.  In addition to collecting data, this outreach is intended to reinforce the idea that Heartstrings is looking after you and will continue to look after you, and we want you to remain connected to HS and a part of its community. 

Practicing Hope

Focus on building awareness of and expanding audience for annual PH conference across medical community and especially nursing schools.  Cheri to promote to nursing school leadership mid-January so it can be added to course syllabi.  Daniel sending a list of educators to Cheri. Tentative Date of May 5th is being vetted by committee to ensure no major training conflicts exist.

Pilot Program

Meeting with community outreach ambassadors planned for 12/29 when Daniel will be in town.  Initial 6 vetting questions for COAs to discreetly use with potential pilot participants was approved, and Daniel to contact Daymark Mobile Crisis to confirm best protocol for referrals.