Post-Loss Healthcare Perceptions Survey

By participating in the survey, you understand that all data collected will be anonymous and consent for it to be used for marketing and development purposes.

While this is an anonymous survey, we would appreciate your zip code for statistical purposes.
What type(s) of pregnancy or infant loss have you experienced? *
How would you rank the quality of care you received when first informed of your loss(es), perhaps from OB, triage, ER, etc? *
Overall, how well do you think your medical practitioner handled your loss(es)? *
Would you or have you returned to your OB for a subsequent pregnancy? *
How would you rank the quality of care received at your hospital, if applicable? *
Did your hospital provide you access to a bereavement professional? *
Would you (or have you) return to your hospital for a subsequent pregnancy? *
Do you have access to a local support program geared towards women/families who have lost children to pregnancy and/or infant loss? *
Do you feel that your experience with your hospital or OB has or could have an affect on your decision to have a subsequent pregnancy? *
Do you feel your healthcare professionals were well-trained in supporting women/families post-loss? *