Our Donors

Heartstrings thanks the following donors who are working with us to help change the impact of loss.  

This list is updated monthly throughout the year and renewed every February.

Rita & Jason Allison

Russellene Angel

Caron Amend in honor of Baby Nolan Durham

Jenny Baker

Stephanie Belcher

Howard Blower in honor of Rachael Sellers and in memory of Georgia Sellers

Frances Bullock

Gregory Burke

Katy Claussen

Janet Corbitt in honor of Amelia Elisabeth Schmidt

Meghan Cox in honor of Kristi Tisdale

Mary Dator in honor of Ashley Wall

Michael Davis

Beth English, in memory of Will, son of Mary Best and Trip Ellington

John Gallimore

Fontaine Gibbons

Edward V Glenn in honor of Shannon the Chanteuse

Shannon Hanson in honor of The Turner Family, Patty Vandergrift, Dr. Christine Bishop, Dr. Cherrie Welch, Dr. Jennifer Helderman, and Dr. Lisa Washburn

Aquina Harris, in memory of her granddaughter, Tahira

Katherine Hill-Oppel in memory of our beloved sons, Joseph and John Francis Oppel

Gail Howard

Mary Kate Hurley in Honor of John Carpenter Vorys, II

Kathleen Irvin  in memory of Steven Gates Rose

Walter James in honor of Mark Sarnecki, grandfather of Felix Warren andfather of Jennifer Warren

Mary Kerrigan

Scott Krewson

Susan Lindsay

Anne Loflin in honor of Mabel Sommers

David Metz



Mildred Moncure

Betsy Moncure

Lisha Moorman and the staff at Vanderbilt Mortgage, in memory of De'ondre Milner

Radha Morrill in honor of Gloria Laracuente

Amy Overman Stephens

Brenda Page in memory of Brianna Claire Carter

Randall & Linda Parks

Brandon Potter

Andrea Pruitt in honor of David & Jennifer Warren and in memory of Felix Warren

Lauren Rathbone in memory of Willow Anne Bates

Nicole Scott in memory of Felix

Ginger Sexton

Sarah Shinsky in memory of Steven Gates Rose

Helen Snead

Christopher & Kelli Spaugh

Leslie Stewart

Stephen Stewart

Elizabeth Taft

Carolee Talley

J. Bradley Terrell in memory of Steven Gates Rose

Michael Throckmorton

George & Stephanie Trent in memory of Mark Sarnecki, Grandfather of Felix Warren

Joy Vermillion Heinsohn

Colleen Walsh Reid

Jessica Van Etten and Colin Maki & their friends, in honor of their sons Ben and Bob's birthdays

Stephanie Vasser in memory of Sprout, always loved and forever missed

Jennifer Warren

Emily Watson