Heartstrings Mission & Method

Our Mission

To provide compassionate validation, bereavement education and hope to families who have suffered pregnancy and infant loss through distinctive peer-based support programs guided by bereaved parents in partnership with professional facilitators.  Heartstrings is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity organization with the Tax ID #76-0777216. 

Heartstrings is recognized as the foremost pregnancy, infant, and child loss support organization partnering with families, medical personnel and the community to provide peer-based grief support and education to bereaved parents.

Heartstrings is not a faith-based organization and serves grieving parents regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status or socioeconomic status by connecting them with parents who have experienced a similar loss.

The Heartstrings Method©

Since the first support group in 2005, Heartstrings and several counseling professionals have continued to improve the curriculum and format used in the support groups based on participant pre- and post-evaluation.  What is different about Heartstrings?  The main characteristics that make Heartstrings unique are that our support groups:

  •  Are led by a licensed counselor and a bereaved parent who has personally experienced pregnancy and infant loss.  Both facilitators are trained in the Heartstrings curriculum specific to the type of loss.
  • Follow a set curriculum that educates the parents about grief while also allowing them to share their loss and emotions in a safe place.
  • Are closed to new participants after the second meeting to protect the trust and community of the group.
  • Meet weekly for the first month and every-other-week for the last two months to allow the participants to build community outside of the group.
  • Recognize the natural gender differences experienced in grief and healing by hosting two male/female breakout sessions.