Memorial Designations

We are so sorry for the loss of each beloved child, and we are here for the  parents when the time is right for them.  In the immediate aftermath of a child's death, there are so many overwhelming decisions.  

Often Heartstrings is contacted by the family or by friends of the family to designate memorial donations honoring the child.  If you wish to designate Heartstrings to receive donations in memory of your child, please contact us at info@heartstringssupport.org or (336) 335-9931. 

If you wish to make a memorial donation honoring a child, click the "Click Here to Make a Donation" at the bottom of page.  Please include the child's name and parent's names/mailing address in description box so we may send them an acknowledgement of your gift.  Thank you for supporting the family during their most devastating time.  

Milestone Memorials

Many Heartstrings families search for a tangible way to celebrate anniversaries in the life of their child.  Birthdays, due dates, there are many occasions to celebrate and remember the children we carry in our hearts.  Milestone Memorials can be a beautiful way to openly honor your child while paying it forward to other families who need support after a loss.  

Milestone Memorials are online fundraising webpages designed to share the story of your child’s life through your social media circle.  Featuring a simple donation process, friends and family can remember your child and honor his or her spirit by giving to Heartstrings.  

Heartstrings utilizes the safe forum FirstGiving to host Milestone Memorial pages.  FirstGiving will walk you through the process of creating a page, including adding photos and text, then help you share with friends and family.  

To set up a Milestone Memorial page, click here and choose the “Start Fundraising” button to launch your personal memorial page.  For more information or for questions, feel free to reach out to Heartstrings at info@heartstringssupport.org.