Heartstrings Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support was born out of the personal loss of twin infants, Michael and Zachary, by Tracey Holyfield of Greensboro, N.C. in the spring of 2004. As she struggled through the days and months that followed the loss of her boys, Tracey became determined that no one should have to face the loss of their baby alone. With the encouragement of Kids Path® in Greensboro and several other area agencies and bereaved parents, Heartstrings Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support was formed. The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Group was the first program offered by the organization. The first 12-week group cycle started in March, 2005. Today, Heartstrings offers 6-8 12-week support groups annually in the Triad.

Today, Heartstrings offers 6-8 support group cycles annually in the Triad. Each support group consists of eight (8) sessions that meet over a twelve (12) week time period, with a "follow up" session scheduled 4 - 6 weeks after the 8th session.  All support groups are closed to new members after the second session, to allow for significant connection and healing among group members.

Connections was added in November, 2005 to bring together bereaved parents who have experienced similar losses for one-to-one support and encouragement.  Today, Heartstrings has more than 60 trained support parents who provide essential mentor support over a 12-week time period.

The need for subsequent pregnancy support soon became evident as families went through emotional pregnancies following their loss. Heartstrings added a Subsequent Pregnancy Program in October, 2006, which continues to provide peer support for those who are pregnant again.

We are here for you in whatever way we can help. Please call (336) 335-9931 to find out more about our programs as well as other community resources that you may find helpful.