Giving Hearts

2016 heartstrings pottery 028.JPG

Our Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Groups and Child Loss Support Groups include meaningful ways for bereaved parents to remember their child.  During participant's first support group meeting, they are invited to select a ceramic heart that brings a reminder of their son or daughter.  It may be the same color as their baby's nursery, it may have a texture or mark on it that resonates with a parent, or it may just fit perfectly in their hand. The ceramic heart provides a literal touchstone for a grieving parent beginning their journey towards healing and hope.

Realizing that our supply of ceramic hearts was running low, we looked for professionals in the community who could help. Enter Friends of Heartstrings, Peter Strafaci. An accomplished potter himself, he is also an instructor of adult pottery classes with Art Alliance of Greensboro.  He and his class of eight amazing women took on the task of making new ceramic hearts for Heartstrings.

Peter's Beginner/Intermediate Pottery class, which met on Tuesdays from 10:00am - 12:30pm made over 100 beautiful ceramic hearts over a period of four of their classes.  Our Director of Support Services, Cheri Timmons, had the opportunity to personally meet with the class to share more about Heartstrings' history and mission, as well as explain the meaningful impact that their creative gifts will have on the lives of so many bereaved parents. 

We deeply thank Peter Strafaci and his pottery students for their in-kind donation of time, love, energy and compassion in creating new ceramic hearts for Heartstrings. 

Art Alliance of Greensboro was formed in 1998 with the mission of providing quality visual art experiences at affordable prices for adults and children. Local and regional artists, well trained in their fields, teach these creative classes and workshops, which range from pottery and sculpture to drawing and painting.  For more information visit: