HEARTSTRINGS H.O.P.E. Brochure & Video Series

Heartstrings has developed the first in a series of co-op brochures/videos offered in partnership with medical providers to parents experiencing a loss. 

For pregnancy and infant loss:

Heartbroken & Bewildered: Facing the Inconceivable;
Thoughts from Heartstrings Parents to Help You Cope

Designed to provide support for parents during and immediately after a loss when they are faced with difficult decisions as they prepare to say goodbye to their baby. Topics addressed include naming your baby, allowing visitors to see your baby, photography, holding and bathing your baby, funeral planning, cremation, and saying goodbye.

Package includes printed brochures (available in English and Spanish and including the provider's and Heartstrings logos) and a password-protected URL to access the provider-sponsored video with Spanish closed-captioning.

Sample Question from Brochure - Click to enlarge

The video offers a more comprehensive conversation (approximately: 45 minutes) among Heartstrings parents as they share their own loss experience and offer knowledgeable insight to newly bereaved patients.  

Sample Content

Sample brochure content on right. Enter password "heartstrings" in black vimeo box to view video clips.


Pricing is based on a cost per patient of $3.00 for the brochure and on-line video, offering personalized comfort from real people who have faced similar loss and overwhelming decisions.  In addition to the uniquely-tailored support delivered by this package, the provider-patient relationship is further strengthened by the provider’s logo on the brochure and the "brought to you by" dedicated webpage for each provider. The video is be password-protected and hosted via the Heartstrings website.

All H.O.P.E. videos will be password protected with a unique password assigned to each subscribing partner.  To see a few sample video clips from the 45 minute video, use password "heartstrings"

Costs range from $1,500-$4,500 depending on quantity of brochures (500, 1,000, or 1,500 in English and Spanish as determined by provider) and include a 12-month subscription to provider-sponsored video with Spanish closed-captioning.

Please email or call Heartstrings at info@heartstringssupport.org or 336-335-9931 to order these dynamic co-op outreach tools. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for customization, printing and delivery of your order.

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We look forward to partnering with you. Together we can change the impact of loss.