Heartstrings Heroes Professional membership

Thank you for your interest in the Heartstrings Heroes professional membership.  This membership is designed as a way to support those who are closely connected with families during the loss of a child and whose compassion and sensitivity greatly impacts the parent(s).  Additionally, membership enables professionals who value Heartstrings to financially support its programs through annual membership fees and/or donations. 

The Value of Professional Membership

Become a Heartstrings Hero and enjoy the following benefits with each annual membership renewal:

  • Four (4) continuing education trainings each year designed to enhance awareness of best practices in caring for parents before, during and following a loss.  Sessions will also focus on risk factors for compassion fatigue and professional self-care strategies.  CE credit hours available.
  • All trainings explore The Heartstrings Method©, a model for bereavement support which has helped hundreds of local families over the past 10 years. 
  • Understanding of how to discuss Heartstrings resources with families, ensuring a smooth referral process
  • Connection with colleagues, parent panels and Heartstrings staff
  • Unlimited access to educational and clinical resources on Heartstrings website
  • Voices of Hope - Quarterly Newsletter, which includes articles on featured "Heroes"; subsequent pregnancy success stories "Rainbows After Rain"; details on upcoming Heartstrings programs and events; and links to helpful resources
  • Recognition as a Heartstrings Hero on our website
  • Heartstrings Hero professional membership designation badge
  • Eligible for nomination in "Heartstrings Hero of the Year" competition
  • Advanced registration for special Heartstrings events such as Raising Hope with Heartstrings and Heartstrings Walk for Remembrance & Hope
  • Heartstrings Heroes Certificate for companies or groups who join and train together
  • Hospitals with 50% or more of nursing staff in OB/Pediatric/ER/Neonatology departments that are Heartstrings Heroes will be designated as a Hospital of Hope in a certificate, press releases, and on our website
  • Convenient training session locations
  • Low annual membership fee
  • Annual Raising Hope with Heartstrings Car Magnet available for $10 donation for members only

Cost of Membership

Join Heartstrings Heroes professional membership for an annual fee of $40. For a donation of $10 each year, the Annual Raising Hope with Heartstrings Car Magnet will also be provided.  Membership fees and car magnet donations provide essential financial support for Heartstrings operations and programs.

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Heartstrings Heroes Training Sessions

All Heartstrings Heroes will receive notification of upcoming Training Sessions throughout the year.  Click the link above for more information.

Heartstrings Hero of the Year Program

Click the link above to learn more about Heartstrings Hero of the Year Program.