Path to Hope 2015

On September 13, Heartstrings' Walk Committee hosted Path to Hope 2015 in downtown Greensboro. Parents, family and friends came together to decorate a section of the Greenway with painted rocks featuring our babies' names.  

The day started with volunteers apprehensively unloading rocks and paints, wondering if anyone would attend.  It didn't take more than a few minutes for Heartstrings families to show up.  Slowly, more and more arrived until suddenly dozens of families were gathered.  We laughed and cried together as we decorated the path with reminders of our children gone too soon.  It was a simple idea that many people used as a first step into Heartstrings, never having attended an event or support group before.  The rocks sat along the path for over a week, along with a sign inviting others to remember our children, and possibly recognize their own at the upcoming Walk

Heartstrings would like to thank the Walk Committee and all who showed up to share in this event.  We can't wait for you all to pick up your rocks this weekend!