Walk Team Highlight - Team Angel Babies

As we count down the days to Heartstrings 10th Annual Walk for Remembrance & Hope, we are excited to share the stories of some of those putting together memorial teams for the Walk.  Today we celebrate Suzi and Benji Morris and their team, "Team Angel Babies".  Read their story and consider contributing towards their team or creating your own

Name: Suzi and Benji Morris

Team Name: Team Angel Babies

Children's Names:  The 5 Morris Babies 

Children's Birth Dates/Ages: 

Morris Baby #1 - March 2010
Morris Baby #2 - September 2010
Morris Baby #3 - July 2011
Morris Baby #4 - January 2012
Morris Baby #5 - July 2013

Number of Years You've Participated in the Walk:

This will be my 3rd year and my husband's 2nd year.

How has Heartstrings impacted you? 

Heartstrings has meant so much to us these last couple of years. The support I have received has been such a blessing and has helped me tremendously in coping with my grief. It was very comforting to be with other women and families that have had similar experiences, especially because they all understood the emotions I was feeling. My participation with the group has encouraged me to share my story and by doing so, I hope to help others who have had a similar loss.  I have also made some amazing friends through Heartstrings. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to attend most of the sessions with me due to his schedule, but he was able to attend the walk last year and it was a very moving experience for him.

Explain how the Walk is important to you:

The walk has become such a special day for us to remember our babies. Since we lost them all so early, we were never had a service to remember them and this event gives is a chance to do that each year.

Tell Us Your Story: 

We began trying to grow our family in the fall of 2009. We had our first miscarriage that following March, followed by another that year and one each year until 2013. All of our losses occurred at 10 weeks or less. I was eventually diagnosed with Asherman's Syndrome and have had multiple surgeries in an attempt to resolve it, but have yet to have a successful pregnancy. The last 5 years have been very difficult, especially for me, as we tried to cope with our loss. As we watched our friends have children, the hurt grew stronger and it became even more difficult to deal with the grief and other emotions I was experiencing. Heartstrings came into my life at exactly the right time and I am forever grateful. We continue to try start our family and it is our hope and prayer that we'll one day be able to attend this walk as a family of 3. 

This is our first year participating as a team and it was difficult to come up with a team name because we aren't just walking for our children. There are too many families that have lost a child too soon. We are walking in remembrance of their children and in support of their families as well.