Why is there a fee for your support group sessions?

At times we are asked the question, “Why is there a fee for Heartstrings support group sessions?”  The decision to request a fee for participation in our support groups was made after thorough deliberation by the Heartstrings Staff and Board of Directors. Key factors in this decision are listed below:

  • When the support groups were offered at no cost, participants were not consistent in attending all eight meetings.  Therefore, they missed critical pieces of our unique, session-by-session curriculum, and their overall group experience and healing were weakened.
  • Participants are much more likely to attend the 8-session support group meetings when they have made a financial commitment, thus taking ownership of the grief support they need.
  • The trust and support that develops among the parents in our groups is what allows them to begin to heal.  If participants are absent, this affects the dynamics of the entire group which in turn affects the other parents.  
  • The requested fee of $15/pair (spouses/partners or a parent and his/her support person) for each 1.5 hour facilitator-led session is a nominal fee – less than the cost of seeing a movie.            
  • No one is turned away for inability to pay our fees.  In our intake assessment, scholarships are discussed thoroughly and are awarded based on the need stated by the parent.  We do not require proof of income, and all scholarships are confidential. 
  • And most importantly, as a small nonprofit—the only one committed solely to grief support for parents—we must offset our expenses in order to sustain our mission.

If you have additional questions about Heartstrings fees for support groups, or are interested in making a donation to Heartstrings for our Scholarship Funds, please contact Leslie Kausch, Director of Support Services at 336-335-9931 or lesliek@heartstringssupport.org