Connections Program Evaluation

Please help us to continue to improve our program by answering these 10 questions. We welcome your honest feedback, comments and suggestions.  All answers are anonymous.  Thank you!

How would you rate the quality of support Heartstrings has provided? *
Did you get the kind of support you wanted? *
If a friend were in need of similar help, would you recommend our program to him or her? *
How satisfied are you with the service you received? *
Has the support you received helped you to cope more effectively with your grief and loss? *
Do you feel the support parent was knowledgeable about grief and loss? *
If you were to need grief support again, would you come back to our program? *
What was the best method of communication between you and your support Parent? *
These are only used to ensure all members of a group have filled out the evaluation form. Initials are never used in any other way for this anonymous form. No facilitators have access to this information at any time.