Child Loss Support Group Evaluation

Thank you for participating in the Heartstrings Child Loss Support Group. We would like to know your thoughts about the group so we can best serve the needs of other bereaved parents like yourselves. Please answer the following questions for us. All answers are anonymous.  Your feedback is most appreciated.

How well did the support group explain the grief process and the manifestations of grief? *
How helpful was hearing feelings shared by others and being able to share your feelings? *
How helpful was being able to talk about your child who died? *
How helpful was reaching out and helping others through the support group? *
How helpful was being with other people who have gone through loss? *
Do you feel you made supportive connections that you can use after the group has ended? *
Do you feel other group members were supportive of you? *
Do you feel the group facilitators were supportive of you? *
Do you feel the group facilitators and speakers were knowledgeable? *
Do you feel the group facilitators were good at group management/facilitation? *
Did you feel free to express your thoughts and feelings? *
How would you rate the material covered in the group? *
Overall, was the group helpful to you? *
In considering the support and healing you experienced by participating in the group, what is your perceived monetary value of this program? *
Were you a scholarship fund recipient? *
Would you recommend Heartstrings to others who have experienced the death of a child? *
Are you: *