Heartstrings Board Meeting Notes: January 12, 2016, 7pm

I.       Call to Order - All present except for Amanda

II.    November 10, 2015 minutes to be reviewed at the next meeting

III. Finance Committee/Treasurer’s Report (Scott)

We ended 2015 with a net profit of $1,743

Scott and Liz worked on the budget for 2016. They were able to complete a fairly thorough estimated income, and rough numbers for expenses. They still have plenty more work to do on it. They plan to join the Advancement Committee meetings, at least for a few months. The volunteer we had found to help with Quickbooks backed out. We need to find a new person.

IV. Advancement Committee Report (Liz)

Advancement Committee met on 1/6.  Members include Liz Nemeth, Ashley Wall, Annie Vorys, Rita Alison (Heartstrings Mother); Jason Alison (Heartstrings Father) will join for next meeting.  Advancement and Finance committees have agreed to combine for first few meetings to coordinate and get on same page.  Members agreed to focus on promoting and developing the H.O.P.E. video/brochure projects.  Committee also wants to consider additional fundraiser to help with cash flow.

 High Point Regional Medical ordered Heartbroken & Bewildered Package with 300 brochures.  Printing pending HPR confirmation of number of English/Spanish printed brochures.  Forsyth Medical Center considering Heartstrings Co-op brochure printing.

 Due to heavy event schedule in 2015, Advancement Committee is considering changing event date to May 2016.  Reserved shelter at Triad Park is available for May 7 and 14.  Ashley Wall is currently inviting key volunteers and 2015 participants to serve on event committee.

All website forms and checkouts have been transferred to Kindful/Stripe.  Liz and Annie are working to ensure Kindful and Quickbooks integrate correctly.  Ashley has pulled pertinent information from AuthNet prior to canceling service.  Emma Email Marketing has replaced Constant Contact.  

V. Program Committee (Daniel)

The Program Committee members include Daniel Hall, Cheri Timmons, and Shemeka Fox (Heartstrings Mother). They met and worked to identify the programs that are working well, and the programs that we may be lacking. They are working to identify man hours, including Cheri and volunteers time involved in each program.  Potential funding for new programs was discussed, and Ashley felt that grants are more likely forthcoming for capacity-building projects or programs that reach under-served population. 

VI. Old Business

VII. New Business

Reconfirmed our board retreat - Sunday, January 24, 1-3pm at Heartstrings office in Kernersville.

VIII. Next Board Meeting - March 8, 2016 at 7pm

Heartstrings Board MeetingTuesday, March 15, 2016

Members Present:  Sue Pedaline, Daniel Hall, Liz Nemeth, Amanda Balwah and Ashley Wall Members Absent:  Scott Krewson and Dei Angel

Sue Pedaline called the meeting to order at 7:21 p.m. 

Called for a review of the minutes from January 12th and January 31st.

Daniel moved to approve; Liz seconded and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Advancement Committee (Liz)

·         Met last week; has not had an opportunity to put a formal report together

·         Circle of Hope – May 7, 2016 (Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend)

o   Need volunteers for sponsorship and help with the planning committee; the next two weeks are very critical for this event.

o   Lack of personal contact is hurting sponsorship levels (i.e. a lot of people who have $1k last year are only giving $500 this year)

o   Liz is worried about the event; last year it seemed to be about the one little boy; hard to approach families to be a sounding board to give it the personal touch it needs

o   Location:  Triad Park

o   Discussion about moving event to June – making it more of a Father’s Day Event, which would allow for more time with buy in, sponsorships, etc.

o   Sue – What need are we trying to meet this year?  It obviously filled a void for a lot of people back in August.  Not just for parents, EMT, emergency response, doctors, etc.

o   We need involvement, not just support/awareness.

o   Plan:  Follow-up with Dei to ask her opinion about moving from Mother’s Day to June date

·         April 16th 8PM w/reception to follow; Cradle Song play at Greensboro College; all ticket proceeds to go to Heartstrings.  Want to fill the building!!

·         Liz’s photography fundraiser (12-mini sessions with all proceeds going to Heartstrings); Capturing Hopes was offended when they learned about photography event and weren’t included, but Liz and Annie have smoothed over.

·         Shortfalls with fundraising – we need a third fundraiser – what could that be?

o   Opportunity in March (end of one sports season before the start of the next sports season); thought about doing a game show night. A company does a ‘plug and play’ setup; Come out, have a good time for a good cause. They are out of Florida – March Madness possible theme; tie in a silent auction.

Program Committee (Daniel)

·         Pregnancy and Infant Loss Group running now will end March 24th; there are 10 people in that group- using Children’s Home Society space in GSO and approved in Winston

·         WS Group will start March 31

·         Subsequent pregnancy group start date was moved to later in March to get enrollment numbers up.

·         Child Loss was cancelled – only two parents signed up

·         Active Connections

·         Practicing Hope; only 8 people registered right now; this is at Forsyth and only two Forsyth folks are registered for the vent.

·         Last committee meeting – discussed adding a 9th meeting of our pregnancy and infant loss support group (6-8 weeks for follow-up/touch base); this is parent-driven; charge as an additional session (cost the same as the others)

·         Want to reinforce relationship with Heartstrings staff and member participants in the support groups

·         Implement same pay structure for subsequent pregnancy group

·         Expansion of services – first round of grant proposal went through

·         Research Consent Form – need the form in place if we’re going to start using the data for grant applications

·         Cherie put together the 2016 projections for cost and revenue for each of our programs; will finalize this at our meeting next week and will then send it out to everyone next week


·         Liz provided an update on prospective board member Shannon Hanson who works at Novant/FMC and Brenner. Shannon has a standing conflict the 2nd Tuesday of the month which conflicts with our current board meeting schedule.

MOTION:  Liz moved to push the regular Heartstrings board meetings to the third Tuesday of every other month to accommodate the schedule of Shannon Hanson. Daniel seconded and unanimously approved.  Shannon can help with some of the research of the efficacy of the HOPE videos.

Liz will meet with Kelly Otis– an attorney who has experienced two losses; husband is also an attorney, has two boys; she works more with contracts rather than franchising; meeting with her will occur next week and would like for the board to vote for them via proxy.

MOTION:  Liz moved to approve Shannon Hanson and Stefanie Bates; Daniel seconded and they were unanimously approved.

How do we let new board members know they are on the board?

The board member with a personal connection should contact the new board member to inform them they have officially joined the board.  Skill sets needed for Board Members include IT, Marketing, Fundraising, Franchising

15 board portfolios will be ordered by Ashley and updated handbooks will be distributed at next meeting.

Finance Committee

Liz presented the additional cost of an increase for Ashley and recommendations from Leslie Starsonek, the nonprofit consultant from Raleigh.

Proposed increase for Annie - $17 to $19/hour totaling $1794 (hours at home and office paid at same rate)

Proposed increase for Cheri - $19 to $20/hour, totaling $3800

$150/month for data entry ($1800/year would eliminate them having to do so much data entry, which would allow them to use their time more wisely)

TOTAL:  $6400

Proposed increase for Ashley - from $19 to $24/hour and from 24 hours/week to 35 hours/week. Essentially doubling her pay.

April and May pay cycles – two month bridge until grant hits in June. 

Was a $7k gap; now we are looking at a $20k gap

Pressure to find something viable in another year; the grant buys us another year

MOTION:  Liz moved to permanently fund the raise for Annie and Cheri, and temporarily fund the bump for Ashley – two-month bridge – and see if a grant can be secured to fund the increase in ED position. Daniel seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

 See if we can find a grant for the data entry portion of the budget.

 Ashley from $19/hour to $24/hour 35 hours per week for the next two months contingent on the approval of the grant.

The sticking point is that we need to move forward in the fundraising

WS Foundation Reception will be Monday, March 21 4-6pm, and Ashley invited board members to attend to show commitment to and represent Heartstrings. Amanda, Daniel and Dei agreed to attend.

Next meeting:  May 17th 6:30 – 8:30pm dinner with board and staff; start meeting at 7:30p

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Heartstrings Board Meeting: May 17, 2016 Minutes

 Present: Susan Pedaline, Liz Nemeth, Danial Hall, Scott Krewson, Stefanie Bates, Shannon Hanson, Ashley Wall; Absent: Amanda Balwah, Dei Angel.
Prior to the meeting, the Board of Directors and staff hosted dinner at Heartstrings offices to welcome new board members, Shannon Hanson and Stefanie Bates.

Call to Order  
HS portfolios and board notebooks/updated notebook inserts distributed. Sue Pedaline called the meeting to order.  Everyone present shared their connection with Heartstrings and how they became involved. 

Review of 3/15/16 Minutes
Lacking minutes to review, minutes will be distributed for review and voted on at next board meeting.

Finance Committee/Treasurer’s Report (Scott Krewson)

Budget requires more attention, and Scott, Liz and Ashley will complete it for presentation at the next board meeting.

 Advancement Committee Report (Liz Nemeth)

Update on plans for Circle of Hope (COH) child loss event:  Involvement of EMS and fire stations discussed. Ashley waiting for confirmation of the role a Winston-Salem fire station will take in the “Heroes of Hope” campaign, a friendly fundraising competition among first-responder units.  Liz contacted the captain, a personal friend, who recognizes the need for support of first-responders who struggle with PTSD following child loss incidents.  Shannon Hanson has EMS contacts at Brenner she will contact once an update is available. Liz asked board members to print out five COH fliers and post them at their gym, coffee shops, etc. to boost awareness.  Ashley will send to board. 

Board members asked to make every possible effort to attend COH on 8/13/16 and the Walk for Remembrance & Hope on 10/8/16 not only to show support of HS, but also to learn more about the impact of the outreach events and the HS community.  HS Walk is same weekend as FMC’s Walk, and FMC wants to continue to host their own Walk.  FMC does not sponsor HS Walk, but Shannon reported that its “Care Always” program bridging patient care management between FMC and Brenner may allow for future support under Dr. Bishop’s direction.

Greeting cards are in development at Fifth Letter Graphic Design which is donating a value of $750 for design services, and Liz is trading $750 in photography services to cover the remaining costs so that HS will not pay for the design work.  Liz presented copy for the 6 greeting cards, and each set will include 12 cards (2 of each design) and will go to people who donate over a specific amount ($50?) as an appreciation gift. Ideal timing would be to launch in June close to Father’ Day if possible to bring in revenue ASAP.  Greeting card program is in addition to Liz’s donated family portrait session revenue clients are donating directly to HS. Need for 1Q fundraiser to boost cash flow may be addressed with gameshow-themed benefit, possibly tied to March Madness and hosted during transition between sports seasons and before the busy fundraising months of April and May.

Program Committee (Daniel Hall)

Update on on-going support programs presented. Winston-Salem Foundation grant decision due at end of May for support group pilot serving Latino and lower socioeconomic populations in Winston-Salem. 4/22/16 Practicing Hope training held in Forsyth County was well-received by over 30 medical professionals.  Research grant to be pursued for measuring HS support group outcomes, and research consent forms are now being collected from participants to allow collection of data.

 Governance Committee (Sue Pedaline)

Board affirmation forms reviewed, signed, and submitted by those present.  Shannon and Stefanie will join program and governance committees respectively.  The call for board members announcement was read and approved for public distribution, including COH.  Announcement will be sent to board members so they may also share.  Additional board members needed to reach minimum of nine to reinstate term rotations consisting of 2 and 3 year classes.  Scott Krewson is rolling off the board after tonight’s meeting, and Daniel Hall is relocating to IL 8/1/16 but will continue to serve for another year.   Ideally the board will consist of 15 members. 

Old Business

Scott’s contribution to the board and the HS organization was recognized, and Sue thanked him for his outstanding service.  

New Business

A former HS participant now living in Boone has expressed an interest in launching a support group there.  Discussion followed about expansion possibilities and that HOPE brochure/video series could introduce HS within a new market until expansion occurs.  Consistency of program quality is essential to successfully continuing our mission.  Shannon will contact Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, founder of MISS Foundation in AZ, to explore how they formed an expansion model and maintain quality.          

Next Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 19 at 7pm, HS offices.

 Heartstrings Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:July 19, 2016

Members Present:  Sue Pedaline (Chair), Brooks Johnson, Ashley Wall (Executive Director), Liz Nemeth, Shannon Hanson, Daniel Hall, Stefanie Bates, Dei Angel and Amanda Balwah

Call to Order

Sue Pedaline, Board Chair, called the July 19th, 2016 meeting of the Heartstrings Board of Directors to order at 7:03 p.m.  A quorum was confirmed. 

She welcomed Brooks Johnson to the board and asked him to introduce himself.  Mr. Johnson is a Clinical Chaplain at High Point Regional.  He and his wife, Catherine, have two children (ages 5 and 3).  Catherine is a crisis intervention and licensed marriage counselor at the Family Justice Center of Guilford County.

Welcome Brooks Johnson.

Board members introduced themselves and described how they came to be a part of the Heartstrings board.

Daniel Hall announced that he will soon be moving to take a teaching position at Southern Illinois.  He has agreed to continue with his participation on the board remotely via phone or video conference.  Daniel is leading the Winston-Salem pilot program through August, 2017.

Review of the Minutes from March and May 2016

MOTION:  Shannon Hanson moved to approve the March and May 2016 minutes as presented.  Dei Angel seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Finance Committee/Treasurer’s Report and Advancement

Liz Nemeth distributed the budget she put together with Scott Krewson’s help. Income and expenses were filled in to see where we are at this point.  Projecting the next 6 months, Liz made some adjustments.  Heartstrings looks great, thanks to the WS Foundation grant that will cover expanded Executive Director hours for Ashley Wall and increased pay rates for Annie Vorys and Cherie Timmons.

There have been a few adjustments to salary/facilitators as Ashley has not had to utilize the additional hours during the summer months.  The move to Greensboro will also help with this.

Taxes have to be accounted for and Liz has worked on this the best she can.  She reiterated that there is a need for someone with financial acumen to look at the numbers.  The six months detailed for 2016 includes January through June; $52,000 had been budgeted for expenses, but only $39,000 has been spent.

Sue asked if there is anything we have not yet hit yet that we will need to plan for, especially with the Circle of Hope and Walk for Remembrance.  Liz said there are general liability and tax expenses, but both of these are accounted for in the budget.

A data entry person is needed for approximately 15 hours per month.  We were hoping we could find a grant to cover this, but this need is too small for traditional grant funding.

MOTION:  Liz Nemeth moved to cover the expense of a data entry employee for up to 10 hours per month (the work will come in spurts).  This expense can be covered at $150/month due to the decrease in the expenditures during the past six months.  Dei Angel seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

 MOTION:  Stefanie Bates moved to approve the budget as presented with the addition of the funds needed for the pilot program.  Daniel Hall seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Liz Nemeth reiterated the need for a Treasurer on the board – someone with a strong financial background.  Sue has someone in mind that she may approach; she asked that everyone also reach out to their groups.

Ashley will resend the board announcement language for recruitment.

Liz encouraged everyone to register for the Walk and the Circle of Hope.  Board participation is very important at both events.

There will be a spring fundraiser in March; right now the Advancement committee is considering a game night; an outside company might come in and run it.  There are three rooms available in Revolution Mill, the new office location, and the event will not be overly mission driven.  Date TBD.

Board support:  Reminder that all members are required to contribute $500 to Heartstrings annually through individual donations or fundraising.

Fall Shredding Event – The date needs to be set and volunteers in place to assist with carrying boxes to shredding.  It should be a low-planning event with good results.  Would be good to have this correlate with World Recycling day in November.

Greeting cards are still being worked on.

Liz shared that in terms of revenue, we are growing the video/curriculum that has potential to grow nationally.  We need to find people who could possibly help us grow the organization

We have had feedback from the hospitals on the first H.O.P.E. brochure/video package and reworked some elements based on feedback.  Liz sees this as having the biggest potential for growing revenue.

Program Committee

Daniel reported on 3 current support groups:

1)     The Greensboro support group of 8 participants just finished and will be holding 9th follow-up meeting on July 28. 

2)     The Summer Winston-Salem group has 6 participants.

Greensboro and Winston-Salem groups are being held in donated space from the Children’s Home Society.

3)     Subsequent pregnancy support group starts August 8th in Kernersville and currently has 3 mothers participating.

Cheri will be training two new co-facilitators for the Child Loss Support Group.  Dates for the next Child Loss Support Group TBD. This will be the second group held since expansion into supporting older child loss.

Currently no active Connections matches, and Cheri is training 6 new Connections support parents to hopefully increase the numbers of matches.  

A November 11th Practicing Hope Conference is scheduled at Cone Health Women’s Hospital Education Center.

Pilot Project:  Realizing our typical participants tend to be white, middle class parents who can attend weeknight meetings and afford child care, Heartstrings is developing a pilot project to learn what lower socioeconomic African American and Latino/Hispanic bereaved parents need. 

Latino doctoral student from UNCG who is bilingual will assist Daniel with the project along with 2 community outreach ambassadors – one for African American community and one for the Latino community.  Will work with them to launch the project in August/September.

The need for a program cost per person was discussed as a compelling way for donors to support a Heartstrings participant.  Programming has collected numbers and will provide.

Governance Committee

Governance is responsible for overseeing the bylaws and procedures of Heartstrings. 

This committee also oversees the board recruitment process and recently worked to update the documents within your Board Member notebook. 

Stefanie has graciously agreed to help Amanda with the work of Governance. 

Our next project is to update the policies and procedures manual – eliminating things that no longer fulfill our mission and assessing the need for the development of new procedures or policies.

Evaluation form for E.D. – Sue will work on developing this, and she has a template to help with its creation.

Stefanie suggested reaching out to the OB/Gyn practices and establishing a Heartstrings coordinator at each office who can provide information, input, etc.

Pediatric physician is needed on the board for Circle of Hope and Child Loss Support Group advocacy and promotion.  Other skill sets needed:  IT, Marketing, Finance, Pediatrician, and Franchising Law.  It was suggested that WFU nonprofit law,

Leadership Greensboro, and Leadership Winston-Salem be explored for potential volunteer projects.

Board meeting locations

Main Street United Methodist Church in Kernersville is willing to let us use meeting space for free.  Kernersville Public Library may also be an option, but Wi-Fi is sketchy which could be problematic for virtual connections with board members not physically present. Ashley is reaching out to other churches.    

New office space into Revolution Mill Suites 160 & 120 across the hall is to be available August 1st to 15th.  Future board meetings could also alternate between Greensboro and Winston-Salem.  Stefanie offered Dr. Lipscomb’s office if we meet in Winston-Salem as there is conference space.

Old Business
There was no old business to discuss.

New Business

Ashley asked if a board member would accompany her to a WFMY-News 2 Circle of Hope Interview next Tuesday July 26th at 7:50 a.m.  Dei agreed to go.

Next board meeting will be at the new office – 1250 N. Revolution Mill Drive, on September 20th@ 7p.m.


Heartstrings Board Meeting Minutes: 9/20/16, 7pm, 1250 N. Revolution Mill Drive

 Present: Amanda Balwah, Shannon Hanson, Stefanie Bates, Brooks Johnson, Daniel Hall by video, Ashley Wall (staff).  Absent: Sue Pedaline, Liz Nemeth, Dei Angel and newest member Patty Vandergrift.
Secretary Amanda Balwah called meeting to order.  Minutes from the 7/19/16 board meeting were approved.

On Liz Nemeth’s behalf, Ashley Wall read her Finance Committee Report stating current bank balances as of 9/19 are $6,950.47 (main checking), $746.03 (child loss checking) and $1,501.21 (reserve account).  Large expenses for general liability insurance ($854) & CSL/990 tax filing ($450) have been paid. 
Amanda is going to look into having Heartstrings added to State Employee donation program.
Cone employees can opt to donate to Heartstrings when United Way information is disseminated around the time of benefit re-enrollment. Can Novant and Baptist employees do the same? In the past it has been blocked. 

On Liz Nemeth’s behalf, Ashley Wall read the Advancement Committee Report:
·         Recent Circle of Hope Event on 8/8/16 netted $4,921 with one outstanding sponsor payment of $500 we expect to receive. We are forming parent committee to explore new event concept that will be less emotionally taxing and more celebratory in tone-- an indoor August event with memorial slideshow with accompanying musical tribute and optional sharing/speaking.  Change is based on feedback from parents and staff.

 ·         Upcoming Walk for Remembrance & Hope, 10/8/16 is far behind registration and fundraising goals.  Registration is at 154 (down from 250 same time last year) and Team fundraising is at $3,158 of 20,000 goal (down from $8,000 same time last year). Board members encouraged to register and create a team or at least share on social media. Shannon Hanson shared that she has solicited support for her team across departments at Brenner and FMC to no avail.  Stefanie Bates suggested having flyers for sponsors to post in their offices to help encourage donations from their patrons and encouraging sponsors to post on social media to allow patrons to know they are sponsors. Perhaps sponsors could create their own "team" next year to have patrons donate. 
Next year consider advertising on closed circuit TV at Baptist, Novant and Cone

 ·         Shredding Event- Knollwood Baptist Preschool, Saturday, Nov 5th. Suggested donation of $5 per box. Need board members to help gather boxes from patrons and collect money. Amanda to check with Knollwood preschool about flyers in children's bags.

·         Greeting Cards were well-received by board.  Will be launched at the Walk and then sold on-line afterwards in hopes of introducing a new revenue bucket. Ashley working with CPA to determine if tax will apply for these sales and how to best structure and report.

 ·         Spring Fundraiser March 9 or 10th Committee members needed for Spring Fundraiser. Game idea has been scrapped.  Accepting new ideas. "Hops for Heartstrings" was suggested (following the meeting) and would involve local brew pubs.
·         Considering holding an Open House event at Revolution Mill - No details yet.

On Liz Nemeth’s behalf, Ashley Wall read the following letter to the board:

Dear Heartstrings Board,

I am sorry that I was unable to join in tonight’s meeting. I have been on the Heartstrings board for more than 3 years now, and I have reached a point that I need to give notice of my leave. Between the pressure of my family life and work life, I can’t contribute with the energy that I would like. I plan to help through the end of this year. That said, I’d also like to add this for our meeting minutes. Heartstrings is growing very fast.

Our fundraising needs are real, and our need for more board support is very real too. We need a new chairperson, assistant chair, and treasurer. We also need someone to lead our advancement committee. This has to be the highest priority for our board. Ashley, Annie, and Cheri need the support to be effective at their jobs. I don’t know what steps we need to take, it may involve setting a meeting for next month, but we need to make this happen.

I have enjoyed being a part of Heartstrings and getting to know so many people, and working alongside such amazing people on our board. These challenges are not impossible, especially with the bright enthusiasm I see coming in.

If you haven’t signed up for the Walk yet, please do so!

Sincerely yours,

Liz Nemeth

Governance/Board of Directors

Urgent need for more board members. Need to be diverse. Specifically need attorney, IT, finance. Board positions need to be re-evaluated due to upcoming departure of Sue and Liz after lengthy terms on the board.  Board members asked to send Ashley names of anyone that have spoken with regarding board position- even if they decline- so she may keep master list.

Board agreed to hold special board meeting on 10/12 at 7pm in Kernersville to review prospective nominees researched/investigated by then. Location TBD.
Work on Policies and Procedures Notebook continues and board will be sent documents for review of content soon.

Winston Salem support group needs alternative meeting space. Temporary space is going to be used with donor covering parking costs for the group participants. 
Cost per participant for programs reviewed, and Ashley will develop verbiage for how to best use figures when sharing with public and potential donors. 

 Pilot program Latino COA just secured and working on Bilingual doctoral student to replace Angie in her facilitator and program development role. Ty Jackson is making progress with African American community. 

Ed Shaw's wife passed away, and board approved a $100 memorial donation be made to designated charity. 

 Old Business

New Business 

Next Formal Board Meeting Nov. 15, 2016 7pm in Kernersville
Meeting Adjourned.

Heartstrings JANUARY 17, 2017 Annual Business Meeting Agenda 7:00 p.m.

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Conference Room on Entrance Level, Greensboro, NC

Members in attendance: Enjonae Anderson, Shannon Hanson, Amanda Balwah, LaSylvia Stewart, Stefanie Bates, Gail Howard, Brooks Johnson and Daniel Hall (via phone), Staff: Ashley Wall.  Staff attending to present overview Cheri Timmons & Annie Vorys.

I.            Welcome/ Call to Order (Shannon Hanson)

II.         Overview
o   Programming (Cheri Timmons, Director of Support Services)

·         Main role is to ensure adequate programming for Heartstrings families
·         Recently added assistant to help with intake process- phone calls, getting families connected appropriately, providing referrals
·         Cheri working on how to improve already existing programs by using surveys/evaluations from parents after participation in existing programs with goal of understanding how to better support families before, during and after a loss
·         Focused on expanding knowledge of Heartstrings as an organization
·         Provides outreach to medical groups via targeted analysis of policies/protocols $$
·         Educational program outreach at facilities educating students in areas where they may encounter loss families. Presentation at NC A&T in Feb/March
·         Practicing Hope conference- May 5th at Forsyth Medical Center – open to community $$

 o   Advancement (Annie Vorys, Director of Advancement)
·         Kindful database system to better track donations and participants. Allows for immediate receipt for donors, efficient tracking and syncs with Quickbooks to categorize income by campaign
·         Improving “Thank You” note system- adding personal notes from Heartstrings families, quotes
·         Wind Swept Society- for highest annual giving donors. Will start at $500 annual giving; most likely increase dollar amount next year. Face to face time with these donors and Heartstrings families/staff is being planned
·         H.O.P.E. - Helping Others Through Personal Experience- Pamphlet and video combination with goal to get information to parents early (in hospital). Subscription service $$
- Women’s Hospital and High Point Regional are participating. Materials available in Spanish and closed caption for hearing impaired. 

·         Starting process for an early loss support brochure and will be targeting OB offices
·         Working on fundraising calendar for 2017
·         End of year campaign- would like to find corporate sponsorship for matching program. Going to more general public donors vs existing Heartstrings families.

III.            Board Items for Review
·         Board Affirmation- All present members to read and sign.
Board Recruitment and donor development is every board member’s responsibility. Object is to always be alert to opportunities and connecting HS with them.  You each know people that staff and other BOD members do not.
·         Board Terms/Proposed Classes- attached.
·         Ashley to keep Master List of those interested in future board positions. Current members are responsible for providing possible replacements. Keep in mind current need of Board i.e.-diverse group from multiple backgrounds- financial, health care, etc
·         Going forward, all incoming members to serve 3 year terms
·         Incoming members to have Meet/Greet prior to January when they are voted in at annual business meeting.  They will have orientation between January and their first board meeting in March.  
·         LaSylvia Steward nominated as Treasurer - Approved
·         Enjonae Anderson nominated as Advancement Chair - Approved
·         Changes made to existing committees. Shannon reiterated that at ANYTIME a board member wishes to change committee placement, member is encouraged to reach out to Shannon or Ashley.  Members should feel their skills are being utilized and their efforts are having an impact. 
·         BOD Portal: Accessed at bottom of Heartstrings website, (Contact Ashley for password, included in e-distributed minutes)
·         Ability to view- contact information, master calendar, BOD mtg minutes, committee mtg minutes.

IV.         Review of 11/15/16 Minutes – Approved

V.      Finance Update/Advancement Committee Report (Ashley Wall)
·         Account Balance , $17,564.28 Main, $746.03 CL, $1,351.30 RESERVE, Without Quickbooks updated, estimate that EOY campaign donations totaled $1,980.
·         HS Tournament Night 3/10/17 at Rev Mill Even Center 7-11pm, 16-bracket cornhole tourney, silent auction, raffle and basketball on screens. BOD asked to solicit silent auction items. AWall to send link to Google doc with auction items and event planning/deadlines. Agreed that a more fun, catchy name could replace “Tournament Night”.  

VI.         Program Committee (Daniel Hall)
·         2nd session of Pregnancy loss group in Greensboro. Using donated space from Children’s Home Society. 9 families attending. Next group starts in April in Winston Salem.
·         4 mothers are currently registered for Subsequent Pregnancy Group. Mtgs held in Dei Angel’s office space.
·         Child loss group starting end of February. Meeting at Dei’s office
·         Connections Program- 2 active. 3 new and scheduled to start this week.
·         6 new parents recently trained for Connections Program. Total now is 30
·         Currently training 2 support parents for child loss support.
·         Pilot program launched and moving quickly. African American group meeting at Today’s Woman. Hispanic group meeting at DHP.
·         Grant application to fund continued support groups for under-served parents will be completed in May. 

VII. Governance Committee  (Amanda Balwah)
·         No new updates.  Hope to send revisions soon.

VIII. Old Business /New Business  
·         Greeting card sales have been very slow. BOD discussed possible buyers: funeral homes, medical orgs, hospital gift shops, vets, Hallmark Card shop. Card packs were given to Shannon, Brooks, Gail, Enjonae, LaSylvia & Stefanie to share with potential buyers.

IX.      Next Board Meeting:  Tues. March 21st Kernersville
·         BOD voted to change the time of all future Board Meetings to 6:30pm. This will not affect the rotation between Greensboro and Kernersville meetings.
·         For the March meeting, Ashley will be calling in, so she will give the phone speaker to Gail to bring to the meeting and share conference call information with Daniel and any others who may need to participate by phone.
Meeting adjourned.