2016 Friends of Heartstrings

Thank you to these donors who share the light of hope through their thoughtful donations:

Masthead Light ($1,000 and up)

Lauren & Will Martin/FPC
In Memory of Isabel Martin

Jen & Ahren Shubin  
In Memory of McKinley Shubin

Nicole Carter Mascia/The Calvin & Kelly Carter Family Foundation In Memory of Carter Jane Mascia

Kristi & Joshua Tisdale
In Memory of Logan and his four brothers

Andy Kurtts, Buttermilk Creative
In Memory of Jack Kurtts

Lighthouse ($500 and up)

Greensboro College
Cradle Song Theater Performance Proceeds & Donations

Beacon ($250 -$499)

Meredith Hostetter
In Memory of Finnegan Conlan O'Flaherty

Kimberly & Michael Throckmorton
In Memory of Alexander Forney

Yulia Ryzhikova & Bob Grace
In Memory of Daniele Rose Grace

Scott & Bebe Krewson

Kristen Tanguay
In Memory of Gavin Sink

Jennifer Warren
In Memory of Felix Warren

John, Mary, Will & Ben Schultz
In Memory of Thomas Meriwether Schultz

Channel Marker ($125 -$249)

Charles & Diana Brown  
In Memory of Zachary & Michael Holyfield

In Memory of Alexis Webber by Grandma

Gregory Burke  
In Honor of Emily Adkisson

Suzi Morris  
In Memory of the Morris Babies

John & Jaime Gallimore

Kelly Otis

Liz Nemeth

Robert & Marianne Erhardt

Diane Olsen

Home Moravian Church Women's Fellowship

Lantern ($50 -$124)

Karen & Michael Davis
In Memory of Travis Michael McCarthy

Eric & Anne-Dora Clink
In Memory of Carpenter Vorys

Ellen Fariss
In Support of Amber Gordon's Fundraising Efforts

Edward and Rebecca Shaw

Brenda Page
In Memory of Brianna Claire Carter

Namita Shetty

Margot Cunningham
In Honor of Ashley Wall

Mary Katherine Hurley
In Memory of John Carpenter Vorys, II

Deborah Hutchins
In Loving Memory of "Baby Girl" Jones

Caron Amend
In Memory of Baby Nolan Durham

Rita & Jason Alison
In Memory of Jayce Ragan Alison

Cynthia Wyrick
In Memory of Jayce Alison

Tameka Goods, S& K Preemie Love Foundation
Scholarship for a Support Group Participant Couple

Adair Armfield

Stephanie Brantley
In Memory of Mickey Lee Oldham

Beth Waterson
In Loving Memory of Mickey Lee Oldham

Anthony Carraway
In Memory of Mickey Lee Oldham

Jessica Renzi
In Memory of Samantha Ann Vasser

Tommy, Dan, & the entire BHHS Carolinas Family
In Memory of Thomas Oliver Mount

John & Deborah Aubee
In Loving Memory of Megan Elizabeth Aubee, beloved daughter of Stacey & Paul Aubee
who left us all before her presence could continue in our lives, 13 years ago, on July 13,2003.
Always, Always in our hearts.

Mike Vorys
In Memory of John Carpenter Vorys, II, "Trapper" 

Robin & Brandon Myers

Buoy (Monthly donors who sustain the work of Heartstrings with recurring gifts)

Susan Lindsay
Amy & Beau Stephens
Kelli & Christopher Spaugh
Shannon Hanson

Special thanks to Children's Home Society, another North Carolina Agency dedicated to helping families find healing and hope, who have generously donated use of their facilities for Heartstrings support group meetings.

Thank you for supporting the Heartstrings Community of Support!