2013 Friends of Heartstrings

Lighthouse ($500 and up)

Bebe & Scott Krewson

Nicole Carter Mascia/Calvin & Kelly Carter Foundation
In Memory of Carter Jane Mascia

NC State Football Staff
In Memory of Byron Daniel Elrod

 Beacon ($250 -$499)

Emily & George Meister

Kathy Richardson, MD

LaSylvia Stewart
In Memory of Adam Christopher Stewart 

Kimberly & Michael Throckmorton
In Memory of Alexander Forney & in Celebration of Richie Forney

Ellen & Robert Worth

In Memory of Byron Daniel Elrod: 
Jason & Kristen Zacs
2012-2013 JLWS Board of Directors
Thomas Elrod
Wake Forest Football Family Association (WFFFA)
Reid H. Sigmon

Channel Marker ($125 -$249)

Jennifer Brown

Patricia & William Cegles
In Honor of Barbara Forman

Jacqueline Humphrey

Caroline & Paul Lindsay

Tracey & Phil Mohr
In Honor of the Schultz Family

Lori & Tyler Richardson

Shirley Thompson

Christine & David Walters

In Memory of Byron Daniel Elrod:
Peter Nosalcs
Deborah Collins
WFU Friends

 Lantern ($50 -$124) 

Charlene “Charlie” Brannon
In Memory of Samuel Cole Union

Angie & Doug Brown
In Memory of Madalynn Hope Brown

 Frances and Frank Bullock

Winborne & Dudley Chandler

Jean Brown & Chris Cox
In Memory of Fischer Murphy Cox

Suzy & John Easton

Barbara L. Elrod
In Memory of Byron Elrod

Barbara & Dick Forman
In memory of Jagger E. Kern, rest in peace.

Janet & Theophilus Hill, Jr.
In Honor of Katherine Oppel

Matilda Knight
In Memory of Joseph Morris

Patricia & Richard Krewson 

Jane & Richard Levy 

Betty Jo & Frank Marion
In Memory of Charlie Roof from Monk-Monk and Nana Marion  

Terri & Alex Maultsby
In Memory of William McCauley Skeen

Jeffrey Orr
In Memory of Logan James-Orr

Stephanie & James Shumpert
In honor of our daughter, Cora, and on behalf of Byron Elrod 

Torri Smith-Andy

Dawn & David Sperry

Triad Moms on Main
On Behalf of Wendy Butler 

Patricia and Allen Wood
In Memory of Aubrey Denny

In Memory of Byron Daniel Elrod:
Greg & Pollie Bailie
Bonnie Berger
Pat and Nancy Grantham
Madeline, Jennifer, Kaci, and Luke at Aon Hewitt
Linda Kelly
Nancy Klingler
Jenny Puckett
Susie Haynes
Rufus Brown
Mike & Christian Dew
Lydia Gardner & John Terwilligan
Theresa McCutcheon
Madeline Cashdollar
Wil Spires
Julianna Strickland
Russell Roland
Nathan and Julie Hatch

Sustainers: (Donors who support Heartstrings on a monthly basis)
Mary Easton
Susan Lindsay
Emily Meister
Amy & Beau Stephens
Kelli & Christopher Spaugh
Mary and John Schultz

25-$49  Level

Olivia & Charles Allen
In Memory of Everly Jean Allen

Diane Barham
For Logan 

Randy & Joan Smith Boyles

In Memory of Mike Furches

Dusty Easley
In Loving Memory of Baby Kade Nuckols

 Becky & Jay Perkinson

Trudy Ann Yearwood

In Memory of Joseph Morris:
Miriam Choate
Amanda Keenan
Wesley Hatfield
Kirsten Lee
Khalisa Bolling
Jessi Shuler

In memory of Byron Daniel Elrod:
St. Paul's Preschool Staff
Anna Hundley
Rebecca McNeely
Anna Ball Hodge
Martha K. Barnes
Kate & Trent Jernigan
Laura Harrison
Anne Steele Hinshaw
Gail & Thomas Pritchard
Linda Kelly
Nancy Klingler
Markland Lewis
Betty & Leonard Martin
Melissa Noped