2014 Friends of Heartstrings

We are extremely grateful for these friends whose gifts enable us to provide support services to families as they navigate the darkest grief and ultimately reach a place of healing and hope.

Lighthouse ($500 and up)


Byron Daniel Elrod Memorial Fund Grant

Nicole Carter Mascia/The Calvin & Kelly Carter Family Foundation
In Memory of Carter Jane Mascia

Christina & Andrew O'Flaherty
In Memory of Finnegan

Lori & Tyler Richardson
In Memory of Cauley Skeen

Jenene Thomas/Jenene Thomas Communications

Bob Grace & Yulia Ryzhikova
In Memory of Daniele Rose Grace, stillborn on March 21, 2014

The Staff of Wendover OB/GYN and Infertility

Beacon ($250 -$499)

Kimberly & Michael Throckmorton
In Memory of Alexander Forney

Mary & John Schultz
In Memory of Thomas Meriwether Schultz

Channel Marker ($125 -$249)

Diana & Charles Brown
In Memory of Zachary & Michael Holyfield

First Presbyterian Church Choir
In Memory of Baby Davis

Margot & Decatur Cunningham
In Honor of Ashley Farlow Wall

Caroline & Paul Lindsay

Sally & David Miller

Suzi Morris
In Memory of the Morris Babies

Traci Reeves
In Memory of Maximus Reeves

Dr. Kathy Richardson

United Anesthesia, Kernersville

Lantern ($50 -$124) 

Caron Amend
In Memory of Nolin Olin Durham

Jean Brown & Kris Cox
In Memory of Fischer Murphy Cox

Patricia E. Cegles
In Memory of Jagger Ellison Kern

Patricia Conrad
In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Benji Morris

Abbey Cooke
In Memory of Cauley Skeen

Laura & Robert Dillard
In Honor of Chaplain Sheree Jones, Forsyth Medical Center

Nicole Halpern
In Memory of Rory Benjamin Halpern and Mateo Butler

Kay Haltom
In Memory of Lily Pope Schuerman

Bebe & Scott Krewson

Anne & Byron Loflin

Mary & Kent Logan
In Memory of Joseph Logan Morris

Carrie McLain
Scholarship for Support Group Participant

Brenda & Hunter Page
In Memory of Brianne Claire Carter

Ellen & Leonard Samet
In Honor of the Hostesses for Mindy Samet Andrew's Baby Shower

Star & Steen Spove

Nancy & Chris Tuohy
In Memory of Aloysius Rush Scott

Women's Hospital Administrative Coordinators
In Honor of Sue Pedaline, VP of Nursing

Supporters who donate monthly to help sustain the work of Heartstrings

Mary Easton
Susan Lindsay
Emily Meister
Amy & Beau Stephens
Kelli & Christopher Spaugh