Sharing Hope

Sharing the journey towards healing and hope after the loss of a pregnancy, infant or child, aged 1 to 23 years is at the core of the support services Heartstrings offers. When shared with others, an overwhelming, isolating and confusing experience can be navigated within a community of guidance, compassion and safety - allowing parents to ultimately regain hope in their lives.

Raising Hope

Everyone can be a part of the Heartstrings community.  There are several programs that appeal to the general community, medical professionals, and volunteers.  It is through these multiple threads that we weave together support and help design hope for our relatives, friends, patients, and neighbors.


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Legacy of Hope

Heartstrings is able to support local families through the backing of the greater community.  Local families, organizations and companies come together as volunteers, grantors and donors to ensure the message of hope may continue. We invite you to join in our Legacy of Hope and stand with the other fine individuals and organizations who are strengthening Heartstrings.